Wang Takhrai Waterfall
Wang Takhrai Waterfall in Wang Takhrai was owned by Chumbhotbongs Paribatra, Prince of Nakhon Sawan and Mom Ratchawong Pantip Paribatra. The park was decorated with countless species of flora spread throughout 1,500 rai of land. There are roads facilitating vehicles into the vicinity. Wang Takhrai Waterfall welcomes all types of tourists including day trips and overnight stays. Entry costs 10 Baht per visitor with cars costing 100 Baht per vehicle (no more than 4 passengers). If vehicles have more than 4 passengers, each additional passenger will be charged 10 Baht. For buses, entry is 10 Baht per visitor.
Sarika Waterfall
Sarika Waterfall is a large waterfall where the water plunges down a nine-tier cliff; but you can only walk up to the fourth tier. Sarika Waterfall stands out with its incredible height and amazing streams of water. The highest cliff is approximately 200 meters high. Each tier has receiving pools which are full during the rainy season. This is the ideal time to go for a dip and plan a picnic beside the waterfall on the first tier. During the dry season, there are shower services, food stalls and souvenir shops available.
Nang Rong Waterfall
Nang Rong Waterfall is located in Khao Yai National Park. It encompasses beautiful nature, and is just as popular as Sarika Waterfall. Although Nang Rong Waterfall may not be as tall,visitors can experience the water flowing through numerous layers of rock and into a receiving pool where visitors can enjoy a dip into the water. During the rainy reason, the water flow becomes stronger and so visitors need to be more cautious. The area is clean to the eyes, with accommodation at the ready.
Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam
The Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam, originally known as Tha Dan Dam, is the longest stretch of concrete in Thailand and in the world. The dam is situated in Baan Tha Dan in Hin Tang sub-distruct, Mueang district in Nakhon Nayok province. It was built in the footsteps of His Majesty the King to collect water during the rainy season and use during droughts, ensuring the people’s houses and farmland would not be flooring during the rainy season. The dam is also designed to collect water flowing from Khao Yai National Park.
Royal Nature Conservation Center
The Royal Nature Conservation Center was established on His Majesty the King’s plot of land situated behind Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam in Baan Tha Dan in Hin Tang sub-distruct, Mueang district in Nakhon Nayok province. The Vajiravudh College Alumni Association helped sponsor funding to the project in order to provide benefits to the people.
Pramanee Temple (Luang Phor Pak Dang)
Pramanee Temple (Luang Phor Pak Dang) is one of Nakhon Nayok’s ancient temples, constructed during the reign of King Chulalongkorn, Rama V of Thailand. Paramanee is over 100 years old now. It houses a highly revered Buddha statue with noticeable red lips, hence the name “Luang Phor Pak Dang”.
Prapiganesh Park
The Prapiganesh Park is situated around the Prachakasem junction in Moo 11, Nakhon Nayok-Sarika Waterfall road, Sarika sub-district, Mueang district in Nakhon Nayok province. It is where a large Prapganesh statue was enshrined, with a height reaching almost 9 meters. The park was established by Phra Rach Pipat Kosol or Luang Phor Nen, abbot from Bang Khun Non in Bangkok. Inside the Prapiganesh Park, visitors can view the embellished Prapiganesh statue.
Thai Puan Museum
The Thai Puan Museum is situated in Fang Klong Temple, Kao Whai sub-district, Pak Phli district in Nakhon Nayok. It is a collection of ancient Thai utensils and equipment used by Chinese ancestors from Yunan, who migrated over 200 years ago. Utensils and equipment include Thai silk materials, quarrying equipment, ancient coffee urns, farming equipment and weaving tools for example.
Whitewater Rafting in Nakhon Nayok River
Whitewater rafting in Nakhon Nayok River has 3-5 levels of difficulty, suitable for all genders and all ages. The activity is available throughout the year, where the route starts at the Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam and then flows with the river. There are 3 different tiers with different water flow strengths, especially in the 3-tiered part which is the most exciting and spans 3 kilometers, with the total water flow spanning 7 kilometers.
Uncle Swai Sriya’s Farm (Agricultural Knowledge Center)
Uncle Swai Sriya’s Farm (Agricultural Knowledge Center) is situated in Hin Tang sub-district, Mueang district in Nakhon Nayok province. It is a location that provides agricultural knowledge and was founded by Uncle Swai Sriya, a community philosopher who initiated decorative turning forks for normal trees to become fancy trees, for example dancing trees, mangda trees and fruit bottles which have astonished the people in Nakhon Nayok and neighbouring provinces, to which many have travelled to see the outstanding trees.
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