The Reindeer Park Resort started on the basic idea of exquisite, clear and pollution-free nature, amidst countless species of plants and trees. The idea was to be the first ever green and vintage resort in Nakhon Nayok. The Reindeer Park Resort is situated on 25 rai of land, adjacent to the Khao Yai National Park Department in Nakhon Nayok Province. It is the land of charm with Khao Yai’s scent of nature, mixed with a luxurious touch and stunning decorations including an extended swimming pool surrounded by a view of mountains. The resort also provides a variety of activities to entertain guests. Reindeer Park Resort is always prepared to serve and facilitate guests, maximizing holiday satisfaction amongst the groves and great mountains, including the morning fog experiences. Each room is decorated for your relaxation in luxury with marble chairs ready for you to sit and breathe in the fresh air of nature and fully experience the green surroundings, absorbing sunlight at dawn and the new day. Everything is ready for your experience.
       Reindeer Park Resort acquired its name from the reindeers in Santa Claus’s tale, which portrays a sense of peacefulness and glamour allowing guests to feel like they are a part of Santa Claus’s story. Reindeer Park Resort gives meaning to a combination of Thai culture and Western tales through internal decorations within guest rooms which are symbolic of physical aspects of all 9 reindeers, where each room is designed to provide a sense of privacy. Reindeer Park Resort also has a seminar building, designed in a modern Thai, yet classical way. In the lobby, the light shines through at dusk, simulating the feeling of being in a theatre, exciting the eyes. Such glorious experiences provide guests with the highest satisfaction. Reindeer Park Resort also provides a variety of activities to welcome tourists and create memorable experiences.
Activities at Reindeer Park Resort

• Swimming pool
• Tour vineyards,
  guava plantations and
  orchid farms

• Cycling
• Stroll in Japanese gardens
Activities outside of Reindeer Park Resort
• Rafting, waterfall exploring and tours around dams
• Pay respects to Luang Phor Pak Daengand
  Phra Pikanet
• Shop at Rong GlueaMarket
• Activities such as zip line flying,archery and ATV
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